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where there are no walls - everything you never wanted
where there are no walls
i work too much. but at least i make money.

the blizzard of 2010 was miserable. we ended up having to pay $200 to hire a plow/bobcat to dig becky's car out. i had to work everyday and relied on mark and his monster truck to get me to work. moster truck = fully restored 1979 suburban on 34s and with a 6 inch lift. i can barely get into the fucking thing.

for our one year i got becky a nice, tasteful tiffany's necklace. she loves it. she painted me something and made the most adorable and sentimental card. i love that girl a lot. in a good way. this is probably the healthiest relationship i've ever been in.

betty and jamie are dating. whoda thunk? they seem smitten, which is good.

my dear old mark from high school, we are back in touch again. i missed him so fucking much. i missed mark and jamie so much and i am so grateful to have them both back in my life.

my parents are in a financial downward spiral and are moving to oklahoma at the end of the month, to move in with my grandfather. i'm overwhelmed by how much time they expect me to give this process. i have no time. i work. all the time.

they need a foster home for one of their cats for a few months while they get their feet on the ground out there. i'll be making phone calls i guess, i don't really know of a program like that but there's got to be one. my dad sort of tried to guilt trip me because i won't take their cat and it's like they to fail to remember that i've got my own life, my own responsibilites, my own relationship to nurture and my own 2 fucking cats. but i'm hoping to find a program of which i'll be footing the bill as my parents have no money at all.

things got heated when my father tried to guilt me with the fact that he needs help loading the truck next saturday. i don't even get home till 5 am on saturdays. then he expects me to come over and load a truck all day with him AND THEN go to work that night? actually he expected me to take the night off but uh no, don't tell me what to do. AND it's phase one's 40th anniversary, so yeah. i'll be working that.

so i'm footing the bill to have movers come out and pack up the house. good thing i work all the time.

my father was a full time home appraiser a few years ago, making more than enough money. well, with the economy stroking out and no market for home buying my dad barely does even one appraisal a month. he took up a job at macy's part time. after taxes he makes $150 a week. my step mother hasn't worked in 10 years. she has fibromyalgia (sp?) don't get me started.

so they're moving. and if they stay out there in oklahome... i'll probably only see them 10 more times, ever. oh and i'm not confident that their marriege will survive...

i'm grateful i have a job and make decent money. i'm grateful that no matter how bad the economy is, people still want to go out and drink.
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wellwrought From: wellwrought Date: February 19th, 2010 02:29 pm (UTC) (Link)
Yeah, my mom lost her home - the one I was born in. It was really difficult for her to have to lose all of her animals and move into a one-bedroom. I helped her move and everything, but I think what she appreciated most was for me to always be on the other end of a phone line to listen to her vent.
eyelineraddict From: eyelineraddict Date: February 20th, 2010 03:08 pm (UTC) (Link)
real spelling of fibromyalgia.
most doctors think it is a fake disease.
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