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more of the same? - everything you never wanted
more of the same?
all the days seem to blend into each other. weeks just fly by, where do the months go?

it's pouring outside today as it's been since yesterday. april showers or some shit i guess. i'm at work waiting on deliveries. journaling at all just seems somewhat useless as my days typically the same.

noteworthy: jackie and i flew to tulsa to see my parents. april 14th - 18th. flying out was a nightmare. we flew out of dulles and jackie's mother very kindly drove us. we sat on the plane for two and a half hours while they changed a tire and generally wasted everyone's time. all connecting flights were missed. there was almost a mutiny. they finally started let people off the plane after 2 hours. jackie arranged a different connecting flight. once in dallas we were given the wrong flight info. luckily our connecting flight was later than we had originally thought. we finally made it to tulsa by 1130pm.

once off the plane i hardly recognized my father who i guess i haven't seen in a few years. skin dark as all get out (you'd never know it but i've got a decent amount of cherokee in me), his goatee totally white, his hair following suit. shari looked the same as ever.

we had a late night meal at ihop and caught up and stayed the night at my parents cute 2 bedroom apartment.

the following morning we made breakfast much to my parents' surprise. cleaned up, headed out to retrieve my father's car (as he was borrowing a car from the dealership to cart us around and letting us use his), and then jackie and i headed downtown to check into the aloft. the room was nice; modern and minimalistic. worked for the few days we were there. napped. headed back to my parents around 7pm for some kumla. that is a traditional norweigan potato dumpling dish. delish. cleaned up, chatted around the tv for a bit, then back to the hotel we went.

jackie and i stopped for a drink at the hotel bar and asked the bartender for other bar recommendations. she ended up giving me her number and telling us to meet her where she was going. we did, an 80s themed bar called The Max: the Retropub. was a short 15 minute walk, and once there the merriment began. liquor is cheap out there, i tell you what. met 2 other people with a cute dog named sprout. people named adrian and karly. extremely sweet.

roused around 2pm the next day where my father picked us up to check out the philbrook museum. beautiful. just beautiful. a co-worker of mine grew up a few blocks from there so we passed his childhood home on the way out and took a picture for him.

then my dad hit curb on a narrow road and blew out both passenger side tires. luckily jackie just called triple a so she sent called for a tow and we waited. i was stressed out, worrying about my father getting in trouble with the dealership, worrying about how much money this would cost my father, who is certainly not made of money. after some tense moments figuring out who had what tires and could my dad be there before there, they were off. not before i happily gave my father $200, knowing all i wanted to do was help.

jackie and i waited at the park we pulled over at for a little over an hour. once my father picked us up we grabbed shari afterwards and had a nice dinner at a place called the vault. went back to to the hotel eventually and stayed in for the night.

thursday we met up with my uncle scott, his 3 kids, my grandfather and his gf, and had a nice family meal at an italian restaurant in town. they were surprised that jackie and i paid but come one, it's that time where we do that now. after dinner scott took us to "the center of the universe" with his kids, and then gave me a punk cd and shirt he got from working security at that show.

that night we went out again to the same bar and met our friends there. more drinking, more fun, adrian karly and sprout came back to our room to chill for a bit. then to bed, and up and the morning. it was already time to leave. goodbyes were easy and we were out of tulsa in a flash.

at the dallas ft worth airport i finally gave in and bought A Game of Thrones. great idea, it's a great book so far. wish i could continue to read it but it's missing 50 pages and i'm waiting on the publishing house to send me another copy.

mind you, there's plenty of loud obnoxious hotel sex happening throughout this vacation, but i'll keep all that to myself. jackie would probably appreciate it.

so we survived, it was great, everyone loved jackie and vice versa. and she did that whole vacation with a cold. champion.

ok i've got 30 cases of beer in the basement i should handle.
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