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everything you never wanted
so now i have tuesdays with maury (har har har) and i hope to wash my hands clean of all this probration and shit by the end of october.

the lady friend will be moving in mid november. it's good news.

katt's goodbye to singledom party and katt and sara's wedding are coming up FAST. when you work a lot of hours during the day, the days just fly by. it's ridiculous, i'm 27 now which is bizarre and my life is days turning into weeks turning into months...

i'm hoping to procure the park avenue this weekend. it would make a LOT of things simpler for me in the next few weeks.

relly though, becky and i are panning out quite well. i do adore her. i don't think there's a better girl out there.

and my cats are as lovely as ever. going to be 2 on dec 27th... such personality they both have. loki is mischevious but extremely affectionate. cricket is self-sufficient and secretly lovey. they both still come when they're called. and they're so fucking cute.

and looking at catalogues is bad news. still a sucker for ikea, and why didn't anyone ever tell me about cb2?
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i'm wokring 15 hour days but it's good, i love a challenge.

and last night i got the ver living shit scared out of me. forreal. scared of my mind. becky started yelling/screaming in her sleep round about 5 AM and seriously it was the most terriflying thing ever. EVER. i woke up to that.

and my thought process was: hold girl - are we being attacked by someone? no - are we being attacked by an animal? no - hold girl more and tell her it's a bad dream.

that's what happened and while i told her to chill she said, "it was sucking me in..."

i asked her later that day about and she doesn't remember anything about waking me up and talkimg to her.

seriously, imagine being woken by the most distraught scream by the person you love. talk about he heebie jeebies for like a day after.
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Little Miss Whiskey's Golden Dollar is open.
5 pm - close
1104 H street NE
it's fucking BADASS
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becky came over around 1:45 and we went off to chinatown to see 500 days of summer. decent. really good if you're into the agony part of love. i know i am sometimes.

then we went to ikea so that i could get a desk and a chair which i have not had in the year that i've had this computer. i've had some pretty bootleg set ups that mostly left my back reeling but hey, it did the job.

came home, becky fell asleep, did a thing quickly with mark. came back home, tried to convince becky to go out to dinner. fail. so i went out and got some really good to go food. after we finished that i started in on the ikea, of course needing her help. ikea directions not only make me feel like a complete moron but the tools and and screws and such make me feel like i have the biggest bear paws on earth which i most assuredly do not.

so yeah, my bedroom is slowly coming together, and now the le office (pronounced lay off-eese a la sarah jessica parker's moronic character in first wives club) is mildly coming together. oh, to get older and buy things for yourself.

please note, i did not say "grow up"...

Current Music: silversun pickups are the shit

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well i got in trouble for "water loading" my pee. unfortunately the only way i can pee in front of someone is if i drink a ton of water and am forced to. so i have to see my PO every day next week.

the peeing is too much anxiety for me. you know, in the UK they recognize pee shyness as a disorder. i read online that they offer oral fluid testing for people with medical and physiological issues. i'm really hoping i can push for that. i don't want to get in any more trouble than i've been in. i just want this to be over with. please, please let them agree to oral testing.

in the meantime, becky's pretty fucking amazing. i am so lucky to have such a devoted girlfriend, really. it's been 6 months since we first started talking and i'm as crazy about her as ever. she's a quirky girl but she is so good for me and to me. i can't remember a relationship being this healthy. it's still early yet, but so far so good.

still waiting on whiskey's to open. dc motto, "hurry up and wait"

things are good. i really hope to work through this pee testing stuff though.
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i live in this place. it is my cave. my bedroom is the only thing that is semi put together. i'm very happy now with living alone. never thought i could be.
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the new bar is minutes from opening. i'm on a bender to try and get the playlist perfect.

in the past month and a half david carradine, farrah fawcett, billy mays, ed mcmahon and MICHAEL JACKSON have all died. the MJ was of course the biggest surprise. i loved him as a kid, had all sorts of toys and gadgets associated with him, VHS's etc...

about 3 weeks ago i was walking down my stairs and BLAMO my right (and allegedly GOOD) ankle gave out and i ate shit and sprained the ever living hell out of my ankle. i was on crutches for about 2 weeks. crutches suck, in case you were wondering.

pride came and went, our float was insane, throngs of ladies and a few butches booty shaking while i was at the back gimped out and "DJing"... but damn am i good at my job.

becky had her big recital which emma and attended and i met her parents.

can you believe half the year is already over? where does the GD time go??

had to start the peeing thing for probation, and because at my first 2 attempts i was unable to produce anything (major pee shy bladder) i now have to pee TWICE a week. the anxiety i experiance while at the pee place is bizarre and i know it's all in my head which makes it all the more frustrating. so my process is as soon as i wake up for the day i just head over there and stay there till i pee. those are hours i will never get back. if all goes well and i continue to just pee whan i have to, i HOPE to be done with it by late august. want to get all of this crap over with.

wish me luck peeing tomorrow!
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so i DID get jail time.

30 days.

judge said, "i don't care how you do it, just do it."

finished my first week this morning. have two more mon 7 am - fri 7 am weeks, then after that i'm hoping to get a sentence reduction and not have to do any more time. but if that fails, i'll have to do 5 weekends, all in june and one in july, sat 7 am to mon 7 am. yep, that inteferes with pride. and becky's recitals. and life.

it is what it is.
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loki (the cat) is fixed now, the kids are back to normal.

the lady friend and i are solid.

the new bar should be opening in a few weeks.

dixie (the truck) should be fixed any day now.

i have a court date on wednesday. there is a possibility of jail time.

i am wishing on everything that could ever be wished on that it doesn't come to that. i'm hoping for steep fines and community service. but how does a judge decide between the two? and if i DO have to go to jail (it'd be for at most 5 days), do i go right then?

i've done nothing to prepare for this court date either, all i have is my court appointed lawyer who i can't understand through his stutter. even though i am a procrastinator, there was really nothing i could do before this court date, it all requires large sums of money that i just don't have.

so i'm stressed out about that. a lot.
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my cats are brother and sister, not fixed yet (like i have money) and are about a year and 4 months old. they've always got along fine. then a few weeks ago i noticed cricket (the girl) started to get a bit more sassy and mean with loki (the boy). swatting as him as he walked by, stuff like that.

last night while i was working, becky goes to bed. for the past week i'd say, cricket has done some major bonding with becky, like, major. always wants to cuddle with her. so becky goes to bed last night and cricket sets up for a cuddle. i guess a few minutes later loki tried to join in on the cuddle session and cricket kirked the fuck out, chased him into my front room and had some sort of mexican stand off with him until becky came over and took cricket back to bed.

today they've been put into seperate rooms because everyttime they're around each other, they want to maul one another.

i mean what the fuck. is cricket major owning becky and even when becky's not here fighting loki about it? what hell is going on and what am i supposed to do?
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