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once a months - everything you never wanted
once a months
looks like i'm into the once a month posting eh?

when you work 10 to 12 hours a day, lots of extra things are never done.

so the wedding is next week. very excited to get out of here and go on a tiny vacation. i'm excited to see katt and sara. and i'm interested in seeing who all is going to be there.

ridiculous to-do list that must get done before the wedding. my hours make things very hard.

flat screen tv came in, hooked it up to the cables thats been sitting around and walla, we've got all the cable channels free of charge. thank you north east dc.

got a wii which becky loves, and am eyeing a ps3 slim. becky told her mother of my penchant for electronics to which she replied, "at least it's not cars."

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