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friday the 13th indeed - everything you never wanted
friday the 13th indeed
13 is my lucky number, i was stoked for a good day.

my house got broken into. they took the bars off the window and came through the kitchen window. didnt take much. my flat screen tv, wii, games, digital camera, her ipod and speaker set. left everything else. teeangers no doubt. becky is furious, wants to move.

after she falls asleep i get an urgent text to run downstairs (i live above a bar) and tom's outside, wifebeater ripped, red faced. just fought a guy that was rooting through my truck.

meanwhile, seeing as how i'd been burglarized i did not return to work. and someone, some fucking GUY punches our door girl.

what the fuck is up with people? at wits end.

i liked you trinidad, i really did. but you don't respect me. i'm out.

becky's been itching to move anyway, to live in a place that's more "ours" than an apartment above a loud bar owned by a guy i work for.

this is the second time in my life a place i've lived in has been burglarized and my shit's been stolen. what a shit show.

i'd like to forget it all know.
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